Date: 01/15/97

I installed Oasis into my circle 3.0 bpl11 source, and everything works fine 
and dandy.. btw, I hade to install everything by hand, there is no way in hades 
it's going to go anywhere into my code.  Anyways, all is well except when I try 
to add zones with
zedit new <number> like zedit new 14, zedit new 15..
It usually crashes on the second attempt.. I also tried saving the zone before 
creating a new one, still the same result, unfortunately the machine I'm on 
doesn't have gdb, so, hence I'm comming to everyone here to see if they have 
encountered the same problem..  I was wondering what could be wrong since oasis 
is pretty much pop in code it doesn't intermingle much with the code.. anyways, 
any help?


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