From: Anthony J rye (
Date: 01/15/97

Ok after patching OasisOlc, I tried to add imrpoved_edit_oasis.patch.
i did look in the *.rej files and added in where it had the + signs
and well i didnt need to do the bugfix. i compareded it to the coding that
was in there and its the same.
 So any how here is what i am getting: 
 PARSE_EDIT undeclared <-(this one was read twice)
 PARSE_DELETE undeclared
 PARSE_FORMAT undeclared
 PARSE_INSERT undeclared
 PARSE_HELP undeclared
 PARSE_LIST_NORM undeclared
 PARSE_LIST_NUM undeclared
 PARSE_REPLACE undeclared
and another 5-6 lines i get:
modify.c:<line Number>: structure has no member named 'backstr'

well The PARSE_* part i understan, but do i add it in structs.h?
 and the 'backstr' i am not too sure about whats going on there.
thanks for any help given :)

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