[Ad] Builders Wanted

From: Edward Almasy (almasy@axisdata.com)
Date: 01/15/97

Hi.  We run a Diku/Circle-based MUD called The Ninth Circle (TNC), and
we're looking for creative, mature builders with a very good command of
written english, who want to join us in building an outstanding MUD.

The Ninth Circle has been up continuously since June of 1995.  We own
our site and have an experienced staff available to keep it operating
smoothly.  TNC originally started with CircleMUD v2.0, and has incorporated
CircleMUD additions through 3.0bp11 (in addition to many custom enhancements
and revisions).  This past year we began converting the TNC server code base
over to C++, and we expect to eventually replace the entire server using
object-oriented design and coding methods.  We have already replaced most
of the stock zones with areas built exclusively for TNC.

The Ninth Circle milieu is something we call "retro-medieval", which means
that no technology newer than medieval times is allowed on the MUD, but
veiled references to current-day issues and events are encouraged for
comic relief.  To facilitate building without disrupting game play we run
a separate development MUD, with online zone and mobprogram editing for
builders.  Our goal in developing TNC is to maintain a logical and
comprehensive environment for MUDding, with zones that all fit together
to form a coherent whole.

If you are a creative and mature (in attitude and behavior -- age is
unimportant) MUD enthusiast who may be interested in joining our team,
please drop us a message outlining your interests and background via
internet mail at "tnc@axisdata.com".  We look forward to hearing from you.

Greymalk                   Erasmus
TNC Head Coder             TNC Head Builder
greymalk@axisdata.com      erasmus@axisdata.com

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