[IDEA] Maxgain

From: Raf (picard@aoife.indigo.ie)
Date: 01/16/97

XP runs for newbies. This seems to me like 'cheating' the mud system, 
as a newbie could get up to 50 levels with one kill, if in a high 
level group. Instant super chars. So, my idea is to have a maxgain 
every level. Eg, a level one player would have a maxgain of 200, lev 
two maxgain 2999, lev 50 maxgain 300k.
Not much use killing Zeus and getting 200 xp at level one is it?
This, I feel, would stop these xp runs, which would be better for the 
mud in general.

Suggestions anyone?

"If there is nothing wrong with me, maybe something
 is wrong with the universe"
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