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From: WarRat (
Date: 01/16/97

At 12:05 AM 1/1/90 +0000, you wrote:
>XP runs for newbies. This seems to me like 'cheating' the mud system, 
>as a newbie could get up to 50 levels with one kill, if in a high 
>level group. Instant super chars. So, my idea is to have a maxgain 
>every level. Eg, a level one player would have a maxgain of 200, lev 
>two maxgain 2999, lev 50 maxgain 300k.
>Not much use killing Zeus and getting 200 xp at level one is it?
>This, I feel, would stop these xp runs, which would be better for the 
>mud in general.
>Suggestions anyone?

For my mud I made it 1/2 the experience needed from the beginning of the
current level to the beginning of the next level.  So at level 1 you can get
a max of 1k or so.  Along the same lines, I also made it so that characters
get xp from a kill based on their level instead of a flat rate for everyone.
This was a level 10 char gets approx 10x what a level 1 gets when they're
grouped together.

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