Re: [Newbie] [Code] Medit helpme

From: Mark Komus (umkomusm@cc.UManitoba.CA)
Date: 01/17/97

> Heyya our Mud has a problem with Oasis-olc. When we create a NEW mob and
> attempt to save it to disk we crash. Nothing is written in the mud
> logs..we type Y to save to disk then after 5 seconds it's crashed.

We were having the same problem too, and one of my friends who's computer 
the MUD is one thinks it may because of his current version of libc.  He 
has 5.3.12 the newest one he could get and it crashed on him, well I had 
an older version and didn't have that problem.

We're pretty sure this is the cause of this because it works on my 
computer fine with an older version but not on his newer version and he 
seems to have seen some reference in a readme file on the libc file that 
may be causing it, but I haven't looked into it yet.

Mark Komus
2nd Year Computer Science (Honours)
University of Manitoba

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