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From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 01/18/97

On Sat, 18 Jan 1997, Mark Komus wrote:

> > Heyya our Mud has a problem with Oasis-olc. When we create a NEW mob and
> > attempt to save it to disk we crash. Nothing is written in the mud
> > logs..we type Y to save to disk then after 5 seconds it's crashed.
> We were having the same problem too, and one of my friends who's computer
> the MUD is one thinks it may because of his current version of libc.  He
> has 5.3.12 the newest one he could get and it crashed on him, well I had
> an older version and didn't have that problem.

*grin* This is a MAJOR misunderstanding. Yes, if you use linux, and you
shift arround the libc's, you can control some of the crashing of Oasis,
but thats only because earlier versions of libc aren't very 'good' at
discovering when your program (Oasis) does some writing to memory segments
where it ought not to write. Never versions of libc are better at
detecting this (though far from perfect), and thus your mud is more likely
to crash if it's making some 'illegal' stuff.
Simply ignoring the problems, and installing an older version of libc DOES
NOT remove your problem, it will just postpone them... See, if your mud
writes somewhere where it isn't supposed, lets say in the zone tables, and
messes those up. Next time the zonetable resets in the part thats messed
up the mud crashes. Now, if you use a debugger all you'll know is, that
the zonereset routine crashed the mud, and you go hunting bugs there...
*cackle* Well.. not too smart, since the error is in the OLC, but just
doesn't show up there...

Anyway, the problem the mesage is all about is probably some problems with
too little checking for nonexistant mob-descriptinos, or something similar
to that. So fix that, you need to debug the code extensively, to find out
exactly where the problems might arise.. But hey, if you wait a century
someone might get their (not so stock) versions of OasisOLC debugged, so
it'll work flawlessly... Like wait another year, and I'll have mine done
*cackle* You could also join the OasisBUG malinglist, BUT, there is
NOTHING going on on it, so unless you can make something happen it's not
that interesting.

Anyway. My current version os Oasis runs with libc 5.4.17, and writing
stuff to disk works perfectly. There are other problems when creating new
zones, and some of the zone-tables acting up wierd etc... And I've got to
much trash in the code for my own mud, that I will not clean it up for a
normal distribution at the moment (due to other existing bugs that I'm
going to hunt down once I get some time to do so).
Btw. allso ran with libc and worked perfectly there too.


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