Re: Re: Shelling?

From: JTRhone (
Date: 01/18/97

On Fri, 17 Jan 1997, Daniel Koepke wrote:

> On Fri, 17 Jan 1997, JTRhone wrote:
> > so yer thinkin there may be 3 copies floatin around... but the second fork
> > is a vfork() and is more efficient than regular fork() so it doesnt count
> > :P
> Under Linux, vfork() is an alias for fork().  Dunno about other
> systems.
Ick.  Well, this has only been tested on a FreeBSD platform.  According to
these man pages, vfork() pauses the parent while the child has access to
its resources, instead of duping over all the resources like the normal
fork() does.  Of course I have to use a normal fork() in the first
forking event, else the parent mud would hang waiting for the child to
die.  AH well, it works either way, just more efficient with a true
vfork() as the second fork.

jtrhone aka vall RoA

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