[off-topic] Clans / Quests

From: Jason Walker. (jason.walker@gconnect.com)
Date: 01/19/97


 Heh.. do i feel foolish asking this question. Basically i was hoping someone
could give me a good example of a quest.. or clan that they have been in/on.
I've been MUDding for the last year and a bit now (not long i know).. and most
of that was spent on one MUD which wasn't quest orientated.. and the clans were
virtually non-existant (except for a few just stuck it in thier title). Im
pretty confident that i can code my own quest/clan systems in, but was hoping
people could tell me what sort of things they would expect or like from them?..
any help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Jason Walker, Vexed.

- We were, fair queen,
-   two lads that thought there was no more behind
-   but such a day to-morrow as to-day,
-   and to be boy eternal.

- Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale.
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