A problem in handler.c

From: Anthony J rye (ajrye@one.net)
Date: 01/19/97

i am getting this error in syslog.CRASH
SYSERR: Unknown apply adjust attempt (handler.c, affect_modify).
i looked all over in this file the only problem i saw was

  case APPLY_GOLD (etc)
  case APPLY_EXP
i am uncertain if it was supposed to be like that,but i tried to do this

  case APPLY_EXP (etc)
   GET_EXP(ch) += mod;
  case APPLY_GOLD (etc)
   GET_GOLD(ch) += mod;

i did this after i got error and i am still getting the error. when i
compile it compiles just fine, but when i get to main menu where it says
  Welcome to CircleMud!
0) Exit the Mud!
1) Enter the mud
2) etc.....
and when i go to enter it crashes
please help
 thanks :)

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