From: BlackWind (
Date: 01/22/97

Has anyone coded, imped, or used clan code?  I want to know, because
I'm going to be creating my own clan code, and I'd like to see the
source of a current one so I can get some Ideas on how to start.  I will
be VERY greatful to anyone that can send me a clan code of anysort
(preferebly a GOOD one).  And I will release MY full version (Including
a clan editor/creator for OasisOLC and Oedit) to that person first.

	Thank you way in advance,

P.S.   For those of you who DON'T know, clans are like groups of people
that travel around together, And usually, the name of the clan is
displayed in the player's title on the who list.  Mine will have a join
command, a disban command, a clansay command, an editor for both
OasisOLC, AND for oedit, and many other features.

P.P.S   Visit my mud whenever and talk to me at 4000
(telnet://  Come on and tell me what you think,
coders are VERY welcome ;).
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