[SYSTEM] win'95 dev station

From: Dan Howe (dhowe01@fxn.com)
Date: 01/24/97

...got a quick question for WinDoze gurus out there.

I am running Win'95 at home and would like to use this as my development
workstation while I'm away from the office (where my actual Mud resides,
on a UNIX machine).  This 'home' mud would not serve anybody but myself
via localhost.

Now: I've compiled my code and it runs.  I can telnet to localhost _When
I have established an internet connection to my isp_.  If I disconnect,
I cannot communicate with the mud.

Without dialup running, Telnet WILL establish a connection, the Mud
daemon DOES wake up, however no further communication happens, no login,

I believe it's because my pc does not recognize socket connections
without an active adapter (ie: Dial-Up adapter).

Anyone know a way around this?  I'd hate to have to dial my ISP just to
test my Mud changes.

thanks in advance-
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