Re: [SYSTEM] win'95 dev station

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 01/24/97

At [Fri, 24 Jan 1997 18:11:56 -0500] (Dan Howe) wrote:

> a quick question for WinDoze gurus out there.
>  I am running Win'95 at home and would like to use this as my development
>  workstation while I'm away from the office (where my actual Mud resides,
>  on a UNIX machine).  This 'home' mud would not serve anybody but myself
>  via localhost.
>  Now: I've compiled my code and it runs.  I can telnet to localhost _When
>  I have established an internet connection to my isp_.  If I disconnect,
>  I cannot communicate with the mud.
>  Without dialup running, Telnet WILL establish a connection, the Mud
>  daemon DOES wake up, however no further communication happens, no login,
>  etc.
It's most likely timing out trying to resolve your address to a valid
host name. I'd try putting an entry in the hosts file in c:\windows that
contains: "localhost" .. also enable the 'nameserver is
slow' function in config.c .. that seems to help for me.

As far as code portability, I've had great success developing with 95
and using the same source on Linux.. Saves me hours upon hours of time.


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