Clan Info....

From: Mud Administration (
Date: 01/24/97

Hey Mehdi,
	  Your Clan System is Awesome...  Thanks for sharing it...
<smile> It just what I was looking for and then some...  Have one question
though....  Do you have any Documentation on it... (Like OnLine Command
Help) or something like that???  Cause some of these commands look like
they do one function but do another..  (Ex: clan set ranks - Does that set
the Total Amount of rank's a Clan has?  And does it go from first to last
in the rank title or last to first in rank title?) Sorry if these
questions are confusing...  But I have to really congratulate you on the
clan....  Its Awesome...


 Mud Administrator at "Lost Order of the DAMNED!"
     (telnet:// 6000)

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