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From: Mehdi Keddache (
Date: 01/24/97

There is no documentation for this code since it was customized for my mud
and the help files are still in the process of being updated.

I can answer individual questions mailed to
I changed the email where i receive the list cause of the popularity of
this code.
If you need a copy that i promised and never sent please ask again and
i will mail you the whole thing in a single file.

Mehdi Keddache (Heritsun on Eclipse of Fate 7777)


There is a reported mistake in the online help (when you type clan)
for privilege, the help says
clan privilege <privilege> <rank> but the interpreter takes
clan set privilege <privilege> <rank>

Now for clan set ranks it sets the maximum number of ranks that a clan 
can have, this way leaders are free to have clans with 10 ranks
while other clans will want to have clans with only 3 ranks
the top rank (as displayed in clan status) is the leader

the clan set title <rank> <title> sets the title name for a certain rank
this is meant to display clan titles in the who list (it is in development)

there are now 3 clans on my mud and i have to say players are very good 
at reporting the weird bugs that you would never notice during imm testing
I will keep you guys posted as they come up

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