Re: [SYSTEM] win'95 dev station- resolved.

From: Dan Howe (
Date: 01/25/97

T everyone who offered suggestions on my problem connecting to my '95
development mud- Thanks!

I have resolved the problem by deleting all my .OBJ files (that is code
object files, not the data files for mud objects) and recompiling.  

The only code change I made was changing 
int name_server_is_slow   from NO to YES.

I am not sure if this actually was the cause of my problems though,
since name resoltion was occuring before- I made initial connection to
the mud, just no communication followed.

So, I don't understand exactly which of these fixed the problem, the
recompile, or the parameter change. but now I can connect to
without going through my ISP.

thanks again:
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