[Newbie] && [coders/builders needed]

From: Justin Rio (c616077@showme.missouri.edu)
Date: 01/25/97

Hello again.

If anyone is kind enuf and feels like they have the time, you know what
would help me out?  A flowchart diagram, showing which file circle code
goes to for what.  Okay, comm.c handles the communication btwn player and
mud, right?  Okay, let's say I send the command "cast 'magic missile'
fido", what's it do from there?  "cast" would be the first step; is that
done inside of comm.c?  When it knows "cast" is the command, where does it
send the command next?  
Am I making any sense?

AND, as you can also tell by the subject line, I still need _dedicated_
coders and many, many builders.  Note, "_dedicated_" does not refer to
builders.  Though that would be a _wonderful_ present.  Using circle 3.0
patch 11, and I only have one major revamping project for the coders, the
rest should be fairly simple.  Contact me at: c616077@showme.missouri.edu
if you'd like to join the crew.

of as-yet not up

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