Re: [Newbie] && [coders/builders needed]

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 01/25/97

> Hello again.
> If anyone is kind enuf and feels like they have the time, you know what
> would help me out?  A flowchart diagram, showing which file circle code
> goes to for what.  Okay, comm.c handles the communication btwn player and
> mud, right?  Okay, let's say I send the command "cast 'magic missile'
> fido", what's it do from there?  "cast" would be the first step; is that
> done inside of comm.c?  When it knows "cast" is the command, where does it
> send the command next?  
> Am I making any sense?

An excellent resource is the CircleMUD code cross-reference.  It can be
found on the CircleMUD home page,, click on "THe
CircleMUD Documentation Project", then choose "Information for coders".
If you want to understand the "flow" of the code, this is a great place to
get started.


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