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From: AxL (
Date: 01/28/97

	Good thoughts. :)  Don't forget about the 20 lb cloaks as well...
that's the one that always make me scratch my head.   Obj weights are
perhaps the most abused attribute of all.  I believe the reason most
weights are skewed, esp for weapons, was to restrict certain weapons
to a strength to wield.   A 22 lb sword would need an 18/50 str, and
so on.  I will be working on a new way to do the minimum str to wield 
thing, and make item weight more reasonable.
	And with longswords....the debate would invariably come up; but
can you then backstab with a longsword if it's a piercing weapon?  Code-
wise, yes.  Realistically, not really.  I once ran around on a mud
with a heavy ashen lance to backstab with, because it was declared as
type_pierce. :)  I am toying with the idea of size fields for items,
and disallowing a backstab with a lance of a type_large.  Has anyone
else done this yet?  My first thought is to increase the item values
from 4 to 6, with the new slot on all items devoted to a size field.
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