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From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 01/28/97

On Tue, 28 Jan 1997, Matthew Petty wrote:

> > While we are speaking, wouldn't it be nice to make it so you can't
> > always have your sword at the ready?  Primarily, it seems that cityguards
> > would probably see something wrong with people having weapons at a ready
> > while walking through the streets.  Clearly, swords should be sheathed
> > while moving through the city and drawn to fight, otherwise you're going
> > a character should get more than just the cityguard walking by blindly.
> > This brings into call where the sword could be sheathed due to length.
> > I think if you want to permit a lot of flexibility with the sheathing of
> > weapons, a character should be able to choose where they want to sword
> > held on their body.  Many would prefer over the back and some at the
> > hip.  Problem with having the sword on the back is that if it's longer
> > than 20" inches you'll need damn long arms to get it out quickly.
> 	That would be really nice to have all that in a mud, but
> really hard to code too.  I agree with you on the weight and that some
> of the weapons should be pierce not slash and vice versa.

I dunno if it's all that which you seem to think it to be.  The basics
of it are three wear positions, scabbard object type (or a special type
of container, if you want to confuse things and not define a new type:
eg., with corpses), and sheathe command.  You sheathe the sword and "wear"
the scabbard.  Naturally, you could then bring into call the other things
like can they wear a scabbard at their hilt without a sash or belt?  Can
they were a 30" sword on their back?  (to determine that you could either
make it impossible for anyone, no matter how big, to wear a 30" sword on
their back, or determine if it's possible using their height)  Assuming,
of course, you add a length to the objects.  You need to modify 'wield',
too, so you can "wield" something out of the scabbard (at a greater
precendence than your inventory).  Finally, have cityguards scan entering
people for readied weapons as well as everyone in a room when they enter
a room.  Of course, you want to only do this on PCs, because then you
have cityguards shouting and threatening and fighting with other
cityguards...  Unless, you then go further and make mobs draw and wield
their weapons when they need them.  Hm, might be interesting, a drawn
weapon isn't readied?

As with the encumberence factor pointed out in another message I responded
to, the length could be used to determine the encumberence, afterall, the
computer has many advantages over pen-and-paper systems (eg., humans do
not need to do math, so you don't need a lot of tables and precalculated
variables [as with weight]).  Just wanted to append that everything else.

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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