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From: Tempus Fugit. MUD Administrator (
Date: 01/28/97

On Tue, 28 Jan 1997, Daniel Koepke wrote:

> On Tue, 28 Jan 1997, Matthew Petty wrote:
> cityguards...  Unless, you then go further and make mobs draw and wield
> their weapons when they need them.  Hm, might be interesting, a drawn
> weapon isn't readied?

Ok, I am learning a lot, I must admit, I didn't know the terms 'sheathe'
nor 'scabbard" (now I know thank you..:)

I agree that it'd be nice if all weapons would have be readied (is primed
a good term here?) and/or wielded and shouldn't be wielded every time
(drinking from a fountain while wielding a bastard sword and a Rose shield
looks kind of uncomfortable, not mentioning most of the socials..:) Noone
wants to be poked on the ribs by someone wielding a dagger and holding a
staff while having a light and a shield hanging too..:)

I believe adding the fields (and messages) for readying and wielding
weapons in the moment (affected perhaps by dexterity, height, age, luck
and whatnot) could add a lot to the effect, specially if rightly added,
this'd mean that dragons would not have to ready any weapons (wait! Let me
put my claws on!) and it'd add to the now lost sense of randomness now
lacking in most MUDs (it should have a random factor, so you'd never know
if you hit in the second or third round), also, it should affect only when
being defensive, since when you're offensive you're supposed to have your
weapons ready.

Now, about the sheathe thing... I am not sure if guards should fight you
only for having your weapon ready, they should, maybe, harrass you, or
not let you enter public places (like the inn, bars, guilds, etc), flag
you as 'troublemaker' ..:)

BTW, if you have your weapon not wielded it should have the same effect on
guards than if you do, since they can see it, a cloak could cover a sword,
a hat or helmet could disguise a dagger... You could go on forever..:)

How do you sheathe a crossbow, BTW?

While I am at it, bows and crossbows usually take longer (even for
experienced users) to ready for battle...

> As with the encumberence factor pointed out in another message I responded
> to, the length could be used to determine the encumberence, afterall, the
> computer has many advantages over pen-and-paper systems (eg., humans do
> not need to do math, so you don't need a lot of tables and precalculated
> variables [as with weight]).  Just wanted to append that everything else.

Ok, here I am lost, what is exactly (in this case) "encumbrance" or
"encumberence" or "encumberance" or whatever, and what is the result of

This is a question from someone that still has problems with non usual
english words, just define that above and I'll understand the rest..:)



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