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Date: 01/28/97

On Tue, 28 Jan 1997, Daniel Koepke wrote:

I do agree with all you say, at least in concept..:) It'd be nice if you
saw different messages according to how you're supposed to prime your
weapon (even if it is the same thing), for example, if it is shorter than
10" then you'd see a message like "As you receive the attack you get your
weapon from your belt" and if it is longer then maybe you'd see
"Astonished by the attack you grab the weapon in your back and prepare for
battle!" and then for longer swords something else.

Just an idea, it'd contribute to the sense of realism without adding too
much (except for the multitud of message you would have to add only one
field to the object, a field that could be used for something else in
non-weapon objects).

>Imagine a person actually wearing items from zone 79.  Hm...
>   a two-handed sword (#7913) - 22lbs

Just a comment, Redferne's is supposed to be a giant..:) I bet all this is
thought for selling or as price, not as much as wearing it (BTW, does
weight alter dexterity? it should!).

>From the description of room 7911:

The bed is enormous, covering at least HALF of this great room.  The room
stretches at least 140 feet, so can you imagine the BED? 

I bet that if redferne's a giant the paladin guarding his castle should be
one too (if not redferne himself in disguise..:)

BTW, this brings one subject: Is there a history of the different zones in
stock circle, it'd add to the atmosphere if those stories could be
included in the help or have the town crier (or a bard or something) sing
them or relate them for anamount of money..:)

How would a spec_proc be made so it can read text files either by text
name or by sections (or something)? to do something like this...



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