Re: curious

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 01/28/97

> I'm curious if anyone knows/remembers what 
> ch->mob_specials->last_direction was originally?  It's apparently quite 
> unused now, so I'm removing it... I'm jsut wondering what it was..

Hm.  I'm actually very surprised to see it's not used -- I can't remember
deleting it.  In original Diku, non-sentinel MOBs kept their
"last_direction" byte updated to reflect the last direction they walked
when doing random walking (controlled by mobact.c).  I think it was to
stabilize their movement, to keep them from going back and forth between
the same 2 rooms, or something.  If you pull a really old Circle off the
FTP site it'll probably still be used in mobact.c.


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