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From: Ron Cole (
Date: 01/28/97

>Contrary to what AD&D and most things based upon it, a longsword, as

Well, if you want to start talking realism/logical, we have throw D&D and all
it's influences right out the window...  :-)  Backstab is a silly skill, created
to give thieves something special to do, to mobs with so many hitpoints, you can
hack away them, doing enough damage to kill a level 1 character several times
over, each round, for 20 minutes, and they still aren't dead yet...  <bleh>
So, what we have, is a lot of attempts at "balancing" the classes, that don't
make much sense in the real world.  It would be a lot simpler to make the game
have at most 10 or so *real* levels, divided into as many smaller steps as you
feel necessary to give ppl a sense of accomplishment.  You can have 100 levels
if you want, it just becomes something like, players get one (1) hp per level if
they make a CON check.  Maybe 2 if they crit.  Classes are stupid.  And the
anti-class objects are even worse. At most, you should pick various levels of
aptitude when you creat a character, with some sort of point based system.  Each
level of aptitude being exponentially better, so that spending all your points
on physical aptitude, makes you a hell of a fighter, but spending even 1 of
those points on magical aptitude, makes you noticably less capable at fighting
or it takes a good deal longer to learn fighting skills.  I could go on and on
with stuff, but you can see where I'm headed... :-)

>  a two-handed sword (#7913) - 22lbs

While we're talking wieght, why are pounds the smallest unit of measure?  And
how exactly does it work that you can hold a bag with 50lbs of stuff in it and
suddenly you can carry more?  Not to mention the fact that I can cart around
millions of gold coins with no probem, even if I'm the weakest thing on the
mud...  But all this nit picking would make the gamee less fun... or so I hear.
All this realism stuff doesn't bother me a bit when playing P&P RPGs (pen and
paper (HERO system, in case you were wondering)).

>While we are speaking, wouldn't it be nice to make it so you can't
>always have your sword at the ready?  Primarily, it seems that cityguards
>would probably see something wrong with people having weapons at a ready
>while walking through the streets.  Clearly, swords should be sheathed

"But sir, it's CURSED!  I can't remove it...  why, it can't even be disarmed.
Darned inconvenient, but what can I do?  I won't abuse it while I'm in town,
trust me..."  :-)

>Maybe I'm just calling in a bunch of realism that nobody will care
>about.  I might be wrong about some of these things, but I know for

I care, but I have a LAZY of 18/90, so I haven't gotten around to writing a
realistic MUD from scratch... ;-)


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