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From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 01/28/97

> Well, if you want to start talking realism/logical, we have throw D&D and all
> it's influences right out the window...  :-)  Backstab is a silly skill, created
> to give thieves something special to do, to mobs with so many hitpoints, you can
> hack away them, doing enough damage to kill a level 1 character several times
> over, each round, for 20 minutes, and they still aren't dead yet...  <bleh>

The best explanation i heard for the amount of hit points increasing as
they do, is the numerical explanation of your combat skill increasing.  At
level one you would be killed by a straight thrust (say 10 or 12 pts dmg),
but by level 10, you have learned to deflect most of it, so you say, just
get scratched, but rather than divide all incoming damage by you rlevel
(or some other strange confusing mathematical formula)  They opted for the
easy route and just gave you r more hitpoints to lose...It is a balancing
factor that backstab does more damage as you get better because....a knife
to the kidney is going to kill any resonably humanoid character pretty
quick period...

There is an agreed suspension of reality inherent in any fantasy or scifi
gaming system, magic, unicorns, killing the gods themselves, etc.  But
most of it should follow some kind of rules that are consistant mud wide.
Translating  good, RP, ideas into executable code is a heinously difficult
task at best, and out of the stock codes I have seen, Circle does the best
job, If soemone comes up with a comprehensive way of balancing things on
their mud, another person may look at it  and decide that you are
completely off base and not be able to use it... such is life, .

Thi is in no way a flame as I love discussions of this nature, kudos to
the sheer determination of all of you to make mudding a better place.

Ghost Shaidan, on the hunt for an imm thatn can't be bored to check all
	       his obj weights and flags..

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