From: Dan Howe (dhowe01@fxn.com)
Date: 01/29/97

I have finally gotten this patch to work.  It seems that the second hunk
definition (Gosh I wish I had the patch in front of me) has an extra
line. ie:
diff.(blah blah blah)
--- blah blah blah

(change information is here )

******************* <- remove this!
**** blah blah blah
--- blah blah

(change information is here)

This occurs a few times in the patch.  Also, there is some areas where I
had to tweek the hunk information because the difference between the
line numbers was off by one or two.

Best bet, look at the patch file and build whatever changes need to
happen manually.

Oddly, this patch builds another patch called mobprog11.patch or
something like that.  well this patch builds mobprog.c, which is already
built by the original patch.  the second patch though builds a mobprog.c
that is 70 bytes larger.  a "diff" shows that there is some changes to
the include statements.  I got the original to compile fine though.

I AM experiencing a problem with the mobprog interpreter, but I suspect
this is inherent with the program, rather than the patch.

good luck guys, this is a nasty patch to install,

ps: DO NOT rely on the .rej files since, as was stated earlier, the
patch will bomb out before making rej files.  Even when you fix the
first occurance, the patch will bomb again (mine bombed before the patch
for structs.h).

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