[Code]Mobprog snippet

From: Dan Howe (dhowe01@fxn.com)
Date: 01/29/97

I just (finally) applied my mudprog patch and was testing it by typing
in a small variation of the example 'beastly fido' script from the
documentation.  It is as follows:

>greet_prog 100~
if isgood($n)
  if rand(30)
     mpechoat $n wags $l tail at you.
     mpechoaround $n $I wags $l tail at $n.
     mpechoat $n $I says I think your good, but I didn't wag my tail.
  mpechoat $n growls at you.
  mpechoaround $n $I growls at $n.

obviously this is no biggy. very simple.  but this is what happens:
a) If a test character is good, the response is correct, either
   a tail wag, or an "I think your good" statement.
b) If the test character is not good (ep 176) it will either no
   respond or it will respond with "BOTH I thing your good.." and
   "beastly fido growls at you"

Ive been over this a zillion time, and have typed variations of the
above with the same results. First, do you see an obvious reason for
this happening? and Second, are there any known interpreter bugs that
would cause this.  I suspect the else (if not rand 30) is being read by
the "if isgood".

thanks for your input.

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