Re: [Code]Mobprog snippet

From: Ron Cole (
Date: 01/30/97

>>greet_prog 100~
>if isgood($n)
>  if rand(30)
>     mpechoat $n wags $l tail at you.
>     mpechoaround $n $I wags $l tail at $n.
>  else
>     mpechoat $n $I says I think your good, but I didn't wag my tail.
>  endif
>  mpechoat $n growls at you.
>  mpechoaround $n $I growls at $n.

I haven't looked too deeply at the code, but I believe nested ifs don't work or
were never intended to work.  So, that first else applies to either of the first
2 if statements.  The second else is either ignored or confuses the interpreter.


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