Circle on win95, using cygwin32?

From: Jorus (
Date: 01/29/97

I have downloaded the circle code from and downloaded all.tar.gz
of the 
cygwin32 gnu-gcc compiler from and then made all the req'd
to the makefile for windows that are in the faq there.  The problem is that
all the req'd
files are not in the all.tar.gz file...there is not 'make' or 'sh' in it at
all.  It is a 10M file
and i don't know that it didn't get corrupted.  I decompressed it and such
using wincode
6.1 and when i try and gunzip it with the gunzip.exe they suggest you
download, it won't work.

What i'd like to know is if anyone got this compiler to work, and if so
how'd you do it.
And if no one did, can you recommend a compiler to use and tell me where i
can find
it (preferably one smaller than 10M :)?  I'd appreciate it very much/

Thank you

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