RE: [coding] Method of tracking skill usage.

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 01/29/97

How about storing the time of last use on a skill. Whenever a lookup function
needed to display/use the value, it would just decide if it needed to recompute
it first.

Not exactly easy on the memory.. but then a design goal of 100 players wouldn't
eat that much memory (120K or therabouts?) (300 skills x 100 players x longint)

Has the advantage of only requiring cpu cycles when the value is directly referenced
via the 'display skills' or 'use skills' portion of the code.


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From:	Walter Goodwin []
Sent:	Wednesday, January 29, 1997 7:47 PM
Subject:	 [coding]  Method of tracking skill usage.

Been a while since I've been on this list :)   In my drive
to push my mud towards a skill based system, I came up with
the idea (okay, I saw someone talking about it :) about skills
degrading with disuse.  My problem is, I can't seem to come up
with a memory efficient way to do this.  Also, I'm not sure
how often this should be checked, I was thinking of adding
a "PULSE_SKILL_DISUSE" that cycled through the online characters,
and incremented and checked a counter for each skill, of course,
this would increase the overhead on characters quite a bit,
(I'm dreading adding yet another 300 element array.)   I more
or less wanted to hear from anyone else who has done something like
this, and came up with something better.  I don't need any actual
code, just a general idea :) 

Jason Goodwin
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