RE: Percentage chance for item loading

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 01/29/97

> Not on topic.. but why do you want to have percentage loading? It would
> seem to me that other (read "better") ways of limiting player's power
> could be achieved. As a player I always hated with a passsion the
> random loading of mob eq. on the muds I played. 
> --Mallory

Do you have any suggestions on "other" ways of limiting player's access
to precious eq.
It doesn't sound like precious eq repoping every reboot is a better
alternative to object repop chances at zone reset because then you have
all  the higher level chars running for "The red loincloth" each time
the mud crashes and then try to sell it for outrageous prices. I am
curious to hear how other people have solved that problem.

I choose to limit equipment by creating a bunch of standards based
equipment, and limiting the rest to quests a player can figure out, if
they invest the time. I use a script system for mobs I developed, though
mobprogs would do the job equally well. 

We are using weight primarily to limit a character's ability to carry stuff
around. Using a 1-100 stats based system allows enough room to provide
a good increase in weight carrying ability as strength and dexterity increases
due to increased stats (via one-time quests.. and equipment)

I believe the huge number of variations that having 7 stats at 1-100 each, and
using a skill based system, while enforcing a set of standards on object affects
is a better system than not putting items on mobs, limiting equipment to minimum
level, and so on. 

This is just my philosphy.. One of many I'm sure. :-) 


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