RE: Percentage chance for item loading

From: Sammy (
Date: 01/30/97

On Wed, 29 Jan 1997, Gary Barnett wrote:

> Not on topic.. but why do you want to have percentage loading? It would
> seem to me that other (read "better") ways of limiting player's power
> could be achieved. As a player I always hated with a passsion the
> random loading of mob eq. on the muds I played. 

Sounds on topic to me :)

There's a better reason for percentage loading, in my opinion.  All the eq
that maxes at 1 only loads once, at reboot.  This creates a mad scramble
after a crash/reboot, makes people cranky when the mud's been up several
days straight, and leads to a lot of calls for reboots.

With percentage loading, the eq is no more likely to be there after a
reboot, and since it could pop at any time, it eliminates the two latter

I keep meaning to do percent loading, but not to make eq harder to get.

As long as we're on the subject, I'll share my thoughts on the
implementation.  One thing I realized with percentage loading is that if
you set it up like I've seen it done on some envy/rom muds, the eq only
has a chance to pop if the mob it loads on also pops.  THis is because of
the if flag.  So if you put an awesome sword on a super tough mob, and
nobody kills it when it's empty handed, the eq may never show up.  Stop
reading here if you like it this way :)

What I was planning on doing was to add a pointer to the mob in the zone
reset command structure (don't remember the name).  Then, if an eq roll
fails, you save a placeholder to the mob it was supposed to load to.  Then
next zone reset, if the mob is still alive and the roll succeeds, it gets

Sorry if this is incoherent.  I'm a bit sleepy.  

Anybody have a better idea?


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