Re: Autodetecting ANSI -- possible method?

From: Sammy (
Date: 01/30/97

On Thu, 30 Jan 1997, Gary Barnett wrote:

> I have a couple questions:
> 1) What percentage of the existing mud clients, and telnet clients
> would correctly support this?

My guess would be zero.  The telnet RFC would explain if there's a way to
negotiate terminal type (someone mentioned this).  Sending that code to a
telnet client most likely will get the telnet equivalent of a blank look.

> 2) Can you see any reason (in Circle) that this type of negotiation would
> fail? (i.e. linemode)

See #1 :)

> I'm going to try stuffing this in a stock copy .. see what happens.. any input
> would be appreciated.

I can see one possible way this might work.  If you put the client in
character mode (dunno how that's done), then send the code, there's a
chance the player will be logged on a shell account using a terminal
program that supports ansi detection, in which case it will probably
respond.  If they're in linemode, tho, all they get is their name screwed
up since the response will be on the same line as their name when they hit

One other problem with ansi autodetect.  When I've seen it done, it adds a
few seconds to login.  This is personal preference, but I don't like to
wait :)  I have no idea if telnet codes would have a delay.


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