Date: 01/31/97

Does everyone out there use obuild? Or is there another build program that
is more used?
I am still having problems with Obuild.06. I was told it was alot easier to
use, and it seems like it. The problem is it always crashes with a
segmentation error-core dump when you mstat or try to add on zones. It
creates the new zones, but crashes cause it can't write the first room. I
downloaded the circle code from the ftp.circlemud.org and the obuild from
ftp.clark.net /pub/samedi as well as the act.build.c he has there. I was
told the obuild.06 that you get off the circlemud ftp site is buggy so i got
the one from the author's site.
It still does the same error and crashes at the same times. I know all you
circlemud imps had to put in a building program, if it was Obuild, did you
have the same problems and how did you fix them?  I am dying to get going
with this, and am getting frustrated going in circles with Build.06, please
offer any solutions you may have. Thanks in advance

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