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From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 01/31/97

On Fri, 31 Jan 1997 wrote:

> Does everyone out there use obuild? Or is there another build program that
> is more used?
> I am still having problems with Obuild.06. I was told it was alot easier to
> use, and it seems like it. The problem is it always crashes with a
> segmentation error-core dump when you mstat or try to add on zones. It
> creates the new zones, but crashes cause it can't write the first room. I
> downloaded the circle code from the and the obuild from
> /pub/samedi as well as the he has there. I was
> told the obuild.06 that you get off the circlemud ftp site is buggy so i got
> the one from the author's site.
> It still does the same error and crashes at the same times. I know all you
> circlemud imps had to put in a building program, if it was Obuild, did you
> have the same problems and how did you fix them?  I am dying to get going
> with this, and am getting frustrated going in circles with Build.06, please
> offer any solutions you may have. Thanks in advance

The general agreement is that OasisOLC (which is menu based) is easier
to use than Obuild, although Obuild is quicker and appears to be more
powerful.  Also, since Oasis seems to have been abbondoned by it's author
and Obuild is still supported by Samedi, you may encounter a few (bad or
otherwise) bugs with Oasis.  Still, it'd dependant upon how you feel it
should be.  You can install both, although it may be difficult (and you'll
have any bugs from Obuild and from Oasis, then additional ones resulting
from having both :))

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