[IDEA] New WWW page

From: DJ Pure (pure@ozramp.net.au)
Date: 02/01/97

G'day All,
	  I've lost a HELL of a lot of mail i saved due to a screw up on my HD. So
I thought, could there be a person who can make a sorta of Circle List WWW
page, which has all these mail questions with there answers. How many times
do you see people posting .. check the link at the bottom, or I've seen
that posted a dozen times, here it is again, or can someone fwd their mail
about this topic - I've lost mine, etc etc. This way, eventually hundreds
of questions can be 'cut-and-pasted' to the www page and we all can refer
to them. Like there could be a link anout OLC questions (there's ALWAYS
hundres there), a link about off-topics that are interesting (like the
swords weight thing that just went by), a link about newbies and classes
and races, a link about whatever !

The only disadvantage i can see with this is that obviously someone has to
read all the messages and decide which ones to cut and paste, ec. This is
very time consuming. Another is, instead of the "Check the FAQ" or
equivalent response, that will change to "Check the <insert the Name /
Address for the WWW Page>". Also, the moderated list does something like
that already. They have listed their ENTIRE mailing list since it started
(around a dozen or so postings only) >=). 

What do you all say. ??

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