Re: New WWW Page

From: Corey Hoitsma (
Date: 02/01/97

> > I thought, could there be a person who can make a sorta of Circle List WWW
> > page, which has all these mail questions with there answers.
> Well, if people send me stuff they think should be on there, I could do
> that without a problem... but then again, I've been asking for submissions
> to the FAQ for almost two years, and I have gotten four so far.  FOUR.  In
> two years.  Depressing isn't it?

Well, what kinda questions do you need answered? Maybe if you wrote
out a whole buncha newbie questions, ppl can send in the answers
to the few that they know they answers too:)

Corey Hoitsma                   AKA -= Myrddin =-
 L|azmania 7000

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