Re: New WWW Page

From: DJ Pure (
Date: 02/01/97

Questions i was thinking about were all those OLC questions with crashes -
and i think the answer was removing two free lines. Another bunch of
questions that were always the same was the mobprog question with the to
inlcudes at the start. The next time someone posts questions saying Help -
OLC is crashing or MObprogrog isn't compiling and i'm using patch with
stock, etc, just paste that question to html with the simple answer.

It's just that, like for me, OLC was irrelivant 'cause I didn't want to put
it onto my mud due to the fact that it seemed buggy and sounds like it does
disasterous things, like wiping zone files, etc. But now, i've been bugged
so much to put it in, I'm gonna have to, but i now don't have any of the
postings from before, so I'm prolly most likely going to ask all the same
questions that have been answered millions of times. I would have liked to
have gone to a www page and read all the questions / answers about OLC to
figure out what other modifications I need to do besides just 'patching' it

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