[sci-fi] transportation

From: Nicholas Seabury (seabury@earthlink.net)
Date: 02/01/97

ok what i was thinking of is a system of planets, with zones in them ...
I know this can be done with the existing system of zones...EG zone 100
is the planet and 101-199 are the zones inside the planet..kinda as a
placeholder for record keeping to keep myself and my builders sane...
But what i really need to know is how can i make a "semi-realistic"
transort system between planets??? Any ideas i would like a
spaceport/spaceship type system...but not sure if i can handle any major
coding :) I don't know the stock code that well yet :) 

The other major change i would like to make is sortof a Jedi/force type
alignment system..if you use evil "spells" you get more "dark" if you
use "heal" etc you get more "light"....

I am prolly in way over my head but any suggestions would be greatly
appreciated :)

				Nicholas Seabury
				AKA Keelar
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