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Date: 02/03/97

On Sat, 1 Feb 1997, Nicholas Seabury wrote:

> ok what i was thinking of is a system of planets, with zones in them ...
> I know this can be done with the existing system of zones...EG zone 100
> is the planet and 101-199 are the zones inside the planet..kinda as a
> placeholder for record keeping to keep myself and my builders sane...
> But what i really need to know is how can i make a "semi-realistic"
> transort system between planets??? Any ideas i would like a
> spaceport/spaceship type system...but not sure if i can handle any major
> coding :) I don't know the stock code that well yet :) 

Well, actually the trains code can be easily adapted to any kind of
transportation system. I changed all the references to  "trains" to
"Flying Dragon" and "Wood Worm", so you could easily translate it to
"Space Arc" or "Corellian Corvette" and you'd be set.

You should also rephrase most of the communications commands (it is kinda
dumb shouting and be heard two planets away..:)

> The other major change i would like to make is sortof a Jedi/force type
> alignment system..if you use evil "spells" you get more "dark" if you
> use "heal" etc you get more "light"....

You can do this already, first than anything see what can be done with
what's existing, renaming the commands and the system, but using it as it
is already, this could be done with the current alignment system of

Blasters would be harder, unless you implement missiles or something and
the "scan" command (in some way)



What does "prolly" means? Exactly..:) (Koepke: I am in Mexico..:)

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