Re: New Coder Needs help

From: Iain E. Davis (
Date: 02/03/97

At 11:06 AM 2/3/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Use the newbie EQ patch, and add an object on there for a pile of gold, 
>whatever 100 coins is vnum wise

Umm...the newbie EQ patch is fine for doing objects, but for giving gold,
why not just do a GET_GOLD(ch) = 100, in an appropiate location in the 
routines that set other default values for the character?

Heck, I'd probably put it in the switch based on class (in class.c, I believe)
so that I could have different starting amounts for each class. :)

>> Actually I need alot of help, but I am moving along slowly so I don't
Slowly, or rather 'cautiously with numerous backups' is always a good
thing. :)

<big snippage>

Umm...can your sig get any bigger? :)

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