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From: Ron Hensley (
Date: 02/01/97

> Unix isn't neccessary better than Win95.  Its arcane, its GUI sucks; when 

Its GUI Sucks? What GUI would that be? Surely if you 'Pilfer' a free copy 
of XFree with fvwm and dont hand optimize fvwm it lacks the nice features 
of Win95.

However if you actually pay money to buy a commercial version of Unix, 
with a Commecial Window Manager such as Motif support ..... the GUI is 
every bit as nice, not buried in an 'arcane' registry, and 'very' 
configurable to customize well beyond anything Windows can do.

Dont confuse freebie throway versions of things with commercial products, 
at least not when you are comparing it to a comerical product.

> Just my .02 cents


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