Re: [IDEA] Thus the storms did come...

From: Laura Ree (
Date: 02/02/97

On Sat, 1 Feb 1997, Daniel Koepke wrote:

> Weather, as it is now, accounts for a lot of things, but it's
> universal.  A storm in one place means a storm in another.  Thus,
> I might suggest making different zones have different weather.  o
> it could be raining in Midgaard and bright and sunny in Rome.  The
> natural extension thus, is to make zones be able to modify the
> weather, so it's burning hot in the desert, rainy and stuffy in
> the rain forest, freezing cold on the peaks of mountains, etc.  If
> we then have zones that are traditionally colder, we can then
> evolve weather even further.  Make it colder at night, have zones
> with longer/short seasons that affect weather, etc.

if you wanted to have zones that were traditionally colder /hoter /
moister /'d prolly have to set up the world with some set
pattern (ie: like our earth... the poles cold, equator area warm.. and so
on...) otherwise it would be silly to have a desert located 2 rooms from a
artic glacier

> So, now we have the base system here designed.  We can then get to
> the really fun stuff in having weather affect players in nasty ways.
> It's burning hot?  Movements down (or exhaustion up), getting thirsty
> faster, getting weaker...  Freezing cold?  Watch out for frostbite!
> Raining?  Don't want that armor to get rusty...  Hail?  Owwww, that's
> got to hurt!  Snowy?  Moving will be a lot harder.  Wet/Icy?  Don't
> slip!

would also bring out a whole new array of equipement - weather protection
ie: rain gear
and maybe even some new type of spells: (clerics or maybe mages)
ie: sunblock (self explanitory i think)
    camelskin, camel hump (something that helps them store more water --
not dehydrate so fast)
    furcoating (keeps them warmer)
and so on...
perhaps it would even bring on new types of food/liquids
ie: oatmeal, coffee, hot stew etc.. for colder climates
    lemonaid, watermelon, ice cream etc.. for the hot times

> Adds quite a bit of depth when players aren't going around wearing
> full plate mail in the middle of a desert, eh?  Give them a challenge!

challenge them to make those macros to quickly put on that armor when the
sandworm appears *laughs*

> I think a common problem implementors face is making their game more
> challenging.  The "obvious" (but wrong) solution to this problem is to
> make tougher mobiles, weaker objects, etc.  Instead of upsetting the
> game balance like that, why not put players up against the enviroment
> they're in, as well as it's inhabitants.  Traps and perils, bad weather,
> fog and mist, creepers and tangled mats of vines to trip you up.  It
> doesn't necessarily discourage any activity, just makes players think
> about more things before they rush and attack.  If things are in the
> way, they might decide against playing rough while in that rain forest.
> Tripping could be their death.

would definitely make it much more interesting

> Your thoughts, suggestions, bashing?

good ideas Daniel

anyways...perhaps I went a bit overboard with my ideas as to extensions of
the weather..but oh well.. just ideas 

- L

oh.. btw
in response to your idea about your pk mud, it in some ways reminded me of
Genocide ( 2222) -- tho Geno is an LP =P

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