[Who][Clan] An answer

From: Mehdi Keddache (kam@shallot.salad.mssm.edu)
Date: 02/02/97

This is the code I use for displaying clan title without having to make
any code modification each time a new clan is created.
As always some #include "clan.h" or prototypes have to be included
depending on where you put this piece of code.

Mehdi Keddache (Heritsun on Eclipse of Fate eclipse.argy.com 7777)

*********** It goes in do_who after the display of the title ********

      *buf = '\0';

      /*. Add the clan title to the title between []. Think about no allowing
          brakets in titles to prevent simulating clan titles .*/

      if ((clan_num=find_clan_by_id(GET_CLAN(wch)))>=0&&clan_num<num_of_clans) {
          sprintf(buf, "%s [%s of %s]", buf,
		clan[clan_num].rank_name[GET_CLAN_RANK(wch) -1],
          sprintf(buf, "%s [Applying to %s]", buf, clan[clan_num].name);

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