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Date: 02/03/97

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>On Mon, 3 Feb 1997, Shaw J wrote:
>> I am running my mud on Win95, against many suggestions... it is just
>> plain easier to handle than my bug filled Unix server.. but I have run
>> into a problem finding patches and extra codes that are for a Win95 mud,
>> many of the current patches do not have any documentation for usage on
>> Win95...  Does anyone know a site where I can find some Win95 resources?

Just use the normal patches... the ones I've tried had no problems working.. after
all the only differences between a unix version of circle and a 95 version is the
Makefile, sysdep.h and conf.h (and some conditional defines in the other files)
The code is the same.. just ported for another OS (i.e. win95.. instead of solaris
or whatever)

>*shrugs* The Unix can be upgraded, and is INFINATELY less buggy then 
>winblows95 could ever be.  As far as Win95 resources for circlemud, I 
>don't believe any such things exist.

Let's take count shall we?

How many bugs have you seen reported about people able to get 'root' on your
average Linux box.. or any other version of unix? (Remember sendmail?)

How many have been reported for 95?

Just because you don't like 95 doesn't mean it is a bad OS.. It just means that
it doesn't do the job for you. You might take stock of that before you give advice
to others that is clearly biased towards what you understand and use.

I'll give you that a unix box has advantages for running a server application that
95 will never get.. i.e. More reliable and less overhead. That doesn't mean someone
can't run a test mud on it with excellent results, as my experiences have proven.

An OS is only as good as it's weakest link.. and if that's the system administrator,
then no amount of OS related techology is going to fix it. If this person knows
95 and is comfortable with that, isn't that what the decision should be based on?

If pure performance and reliability were my concerns, I'd prolly write an NLM and
run it in a protected ring on a Netware server.. but I don't.. why? Because it would
be far too time consuming to develop it.. So I chose unix to run  my mud on and
95 to develop it on.. Best of both worlds.. for me.. 


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