Re: [Code] Board/fountain probs

From: Ryan Linn (
Date: 02/04/97

> O165. the Idea Board            - in an unknown location
> O166. a bulletin board          - in an unknown location
> O167. a holy bulletin board     - in an unknown location
> O168. a frozen bulletin board   - in an unknown location
> O169. a social bulletin board   - in an unknown location
> O170. a holy bulletin board     - [ 1204] The Immortal Board Room
> O171. a frozen bulletin board   - [ 1202] The Ice Box Of The Gods
> O172. the Implementors Board    - [ 1210] The Implementor's Loft
> O173. the Idea Board            - [ 1201] The Inn Of The Gods
> O174. the Skills Board          - [ 1207] Skills Room
When this happened to me I traced it back to the reset_zone function in 
db.c.  It was a result of checking to see if the max number of an item 
was in the world, and if so it would not place it in the room.  The 
easiest way to fix this... is to go through your reset_zone in db.c, and 
then every time it doesn't load an object sucessfully and the obj has 
been assigned... make sure that you extract_obj(obj) that obj.  If this 
isn't it then check the rest of your loading procedures and make sure if you
create a object, you either obj_to_whatever it or else extract it.  Hope 
this helps.
Ryan Linn
(Apollo) imp- 8000 [Ruins]
	 imp- 4000 [ROR]
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