[CONCEPT] Global Alignment (Yin/Yang)

From: JEREMY IRISH (JIRISH@rcksuni1.is.ge.com)
Date: 02/04/97

Regarding alignment, and how the use of 'good' and 'evil' spells on the mud, I was 
thinking it would be neat if someone developed a way to use the entire MUD's 
alignment to affect the interaction on the mud.

For instance, if you were to add all the players and mobiles' alignment on the mud 
at one time, would the result come out positive, 0, or negative? And based on the 
alignment, descriptions could change, evil/good mobiles could become more powerful, 
weather would be peaceful/violent, movement points would increase/decrease, spell
cost would be less or more, etc.

As the mud I am running is based on Star Wars, I could use it as a way to have 
'The force that flows through all things' affect how characters interact, but the
fantasy realm could use it the same way. It would also be a good way to maintain the
balance of good and evil characters in the game, since the struggle between Good and 
Evil will constantly swing the pendulum back and forth.

It seems doable, although adding all the alignments of all the mobiles/players would be
a real cpu hog, but I can see no problems in a global check, say, every 15 minutes, and
have a command for 'force' sensitive players to feel the alignment of the mud. 

For starters :P

Any comments?

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