Re: [CONCEPT] Global Alignment (Yin/Yang)

From: Walter Goodwin (
Date: 02/04/97

Hmmm, intersting concept, however, constant polling isn't neccassary :)
Everytime a new mobile is created, add its alignment in, everytime a
player logs in, add their alignment in, whenever a character leaves the
mud or a mob gets killed, then subtract their alignment.  Heh, neat idea.
lots of thinkgs you can do with it.  ie. "good" spells are harder to cast
when the mud is dominated by evil,  Of course, you'll Definately have
to re-balance the mud.  Most muds that I've seen usually have like 3 times
as many evil mobs as good or neutral mobs.  Heh, you can even go so far
as to have the "aimals" act differently :)  Lots of things......

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