Re: RE: Backstab.

From: Lew/Ryan Guthrie (
Date: 02/04/97

On the mud that i play(not the one i run) they have set it up so if the
mob is hurt at all(even 1hp) it says your oponent is to weak to
backstab(or something like that) i am not sure on the coding of that but
it sounds like a simple if statement.

#I want to limit the amount of times you can backstab a mob.  The backstab 
#flee, backstab flee loop is something I wish to avoid.  I have an idea on 
#how to do this.  I think that if you backstab a mob, then it should gain 
#the aware bit until reboot/death.  Sorta like:  You stuck a knife in my 
#back... NOBODY gets behind me now.   Anybody know how to do this?  Or has 
#someone already written code that does it that they would like to share.

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