Mob Scipting System

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 02/04/97

I have recently developed a mob scripting system that has more
functionality than mobprogs, allows nested if checks, doesn't
require a reboot to add/modify scripts, etc. It has been running
on my mud for about a month.

I am currently trying to determine if there is enough interest
in such a system to warrant making some sort of 'patch' available.

This will be no means be a patch and run install.. There will be
many dependencies that the mud coder will have to iron out.. and
many other modifications to already existing code. (i.e. making
mobs able to set skills, adding commands to allow mobs to teleport,

What I am proposing is to make the 'engine' for the mob scripting
system available, an interface to Oasis OLC and the other related
scripting functions, and a document explaining the basics of installing
triggers, and so on.

As for support, I will be willing to resolve any bugs that are found,
and the like.. I will not be willing to be your one-stop source for
making mob X do job Y with a script. (though I would be interested in
seeing working examples of complex mob scripts.)

The design philosphy for this system is, in order:
1) Ease of maintenance/extendability 2) Capability 3) Memory Use 4) Speed

I have designed it to support a large mud, with many scripted mobs and
a maximum player amount of 100 at once. (nothing hardcoded.. just my
design criteria) All I can say is that on a Pentium-133, with 100
players and 10K mobs running scripts it shouldn't lag the mud appreciably,
though I have not had the opportunity to stress test it nearly as much
as I'd like. (Your milage may vary)

Timeframe for release is probably 60 days (the system is finished, but
creating a patch and some sort of documentation will take a good chunk
of time.. and I do have a mud to work on as well as a full time job and
a family.)

If you are interested in helping test the first version of the code
release, please mail me directly (please don't spam the list) and I'll add
you to the list. Once it's been installed a few places I'll prepare some
sort of distrubition for the ftp site. (Assuming it's isn't heartily
trashed by the testers. *grin*)

For reference, a user's guide to the scripting system can be found at:
(If you can identify anything that you think a mob should be able to do,
and the docs don't provide a way to accomplish it, I would be more than
interested in hearing from you regarding new features.)

Mail to : 
subject : Mob Script Patch


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